Preventative Maintenance

AC Maintenance in San Bernardino

What makes air conditioners work best throughout every season? Well, it is regular servicing through a consistent AC Maintenance plan of course. It’s important to ensure that your AC is running in peak condition if complete comfort is what you want in the fall, summer, and spring seasons. But how do you find the best AC maintenance services? Have no worries because AC Repair Solutions of San Bernardino is available to cater to all your servicing and maintenance needs.

San Bernardino AC Maintenance Services

hvac-air-conditioning-and-heating-san bernardino-arizonaWhen it comes to AC repairs, its crucial to make sure that it is done professionally not only to save time and money but also reduce the chances of problems in the future. Frequent maintenance is not only necessary for continual comfort but also to increase the prospects of improved longevity of your AC system. We understand the importance of the air conditioner in your household and strive to provide you with the finest quality service done by professionals. Our experts have the necessary training to handle a huge variety of AC units with different makes and models. We also train our technicians on the best air conditioner maintenance practices so that they can efficiently handle any maintenance and repair job. We strive to give you complete satisfaction.

Frequent AC Maintenance Can Save You Money

heating-and-cooling-ac-contractor-san bernardino-arizonaIf you have ever come across an unexpected surge in monthly electricity bills but just cannot narrow down to what may have caused it, the chances are that your AC is at fault. Through servicing, we will help you to bring down the AC’s energy consumption and help determine what may be causing the problem.

Additionally, you will notice an increase in the functionality of the system along with a more comfortable environment in your home or office. AC Repair Solutions of San Bernardino has expertise keeping air conditioners working as long as possible. Since we only use the most efficient gear while doing our work, we can guarantee you complete success.

We only deliver the best in AC maintenance services to our customers. We’ll tell you prices that you may incur for the service once we’ve located the cause of the trouble. That makes it easier for our clients to decide on a plan of action.

Expert AC Maintenance Service

Our expert HVAC technicians can not only fix your AC problems but also teach you about best maintenance practices. By implementing the advice of our expert technicians in your home or office, you’ll be able to inspect the AC unit in no time. This service comes free of charge.

Regular AC Maintenance Servicing

AC Repair Solutions of San Bernardino can frequently visit your home to inspect your air conditioners. Our technicians can arrive at your home or office at your convenience and conduct frequent checkups that will undoubtedly save you a lot of money in the long run.

commercial-hvac-ac-services-san bernardino-arizona

Even though this package is not exclusively meant for spring, we do advise our clients to try out our Spring-into-Summer Tune-Up due to the vast quantities of pollens and allergens that are likely to find their way inside of your home during a typical spring season.

The tune-up comes with the following services:

  • Filter treatment using antimicrobial spray
  • Flushing of the drain line after treatment
  • Thermostat adjustment and calibration
  • Digital inspection and Freon levels enhancement
  • Air duct inspection
  • Cleaning of the electrical compartment
  • Clearing out any dirt and debris causing obstruction
  • Inspecting and measuring your unit’s efficiency
  • Cleaning the outside unit using chemicals
  • Treat filter with anti-microbial spray

Expert Air Conditioner Maintenance Care in Our Hands

We take complete care of your AC by using only specialized equipment meant for the job. With us, you’ll never have to worry about having to settle for unsatisfactory results. We strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction and provide repair and maintenance services customized to your needs. So go ahead and give us a call now and see how we work our magic with our proven AC Maintenance plans!